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Flat roof systems include...

A flat roof can cause big problems if not installed correctly or repaired properly by an expert. Peterborough Roofing Contractors has the proven knowledge to advise, install and repair a variety of flat roof systems with maximum efficiency.


Typically the most common types of flat roof are the felt roof or asphalt roof. Peterborough Roofing Contractors uses high only performance felts and high quality asphalt as standard. This enables us to provide a 10 Year Flat Roof Guarantee.


We undertake and manage the whole process for:

All flat roof repair and build work from Peterborough Roofing Contractors is covered by insurance backed guarantee – giving you total peace of mind.

We believe in honest quotes, budget friendly pricing and we don't employ salesmen.


Contact us to arrange a free estimate on any flat roof repair or build. CALL US NOW on 01733 326398

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