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Lead Roofing

Lead is used in roofing as it is unrivalled in its quality for weather protection and provides a beautiful finished look. Most lead roofing examples on flat roofs and will last in excess of 100 years.


Peterborough Roofing Contractors can install new lead roofing and also undertakes lead roofing repair work.


Lead Flashing

Lead flashing is a traditional art and we believe we have perfected it. Whether it is ornate step flashing, or functional lining of roof joins Peterborough Roofing Contractors can assist.


We most often provide lead flashing around:

All lead roofing of lead flashing from Peterborough Roofing Contractors is covered by insurance backed guarantee – giving you total peace of mind.

We believe in honest quotes, budget friendly pricing and we don't employ salesmen.


We offer a free estimate on any lead roofing repair or lead flashing job. CALL US NOW on 01733 326398

Lead Roofing  & Lead Flashing Specialists

Peterborough Roofing Contractors is a trading name of Peterborough Solar Roofing Ltd

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Lead Roofing  & Lead Flashing

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Lead Roofing  & Lead Flashing

We will quote on lead flashing for new build projects as well as lead flashing replacement and repairs.

Lead Flashing on Chimney Fully Isured