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Peterborough Slate Roofs Repair & Build Specialists

Slate roofs are one of the most desired roof coverings for a property. Due to the expense of the slate material and the specialist methods for cutting and fixing individual slates, choosing an experienced slate roofer is essential. Peterborough Roofing Contractors has the proven knowledge to advise on slate roofs in terms of replacements, installations and repairs.

New Slate Roofs
We can assist in every stage of your new slate roof project:
Survey – We send out a qualified surveyor and roofer to your property
Slate Selection – We will advise you on your options and different types of natural slate. EG. Welsh, Chinese, Spanish
Quote – We’ll issue you with a written estimate for the work & materials
The Job – We organise everything from scaffolding to materials
Guarantee – All new slate roofs come with a guarantee of 10 years

From grading to laying, we use expert knowledge to achieve those true lines and tidy finishes.

Slate Roofs Repair
Traditional slate roofs are highly durable, thanks to slate being chemically & thermally stable so less susceptible to environmental factors. Often it is the nails used to hold the slates in place that can deteriorate over the years leading to slate roofs shifting and some slates becoming loose, leading to roof leaks. This is the main reason that slate roof repairs become necessary.

Peterborough Roofing Contractors will first conduct a full survey of your slate roof to assess the extent of the repairs needed. We will then provide a written estimate and quotation for the whole job.

All slate roof jobs conducted by Peterborough Roofing Contractors are covered by insurance backed guarantee – giving you total peace of mind.


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We assist at every stage…


 Roofs Survey


Free Quote


Selection of Type of Slate


10 Year Guarantee